Committed to Superior Quality and Results Sometimes the only thing you need to do is make a connection, do it now! DISCOVER MORE BE THE FIRST Committed to Superior Quality and Results Sometimes the only thing you need to do is make a connection, do it now! DISCOVER MORE BE THE FIRST

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About us:

Divitiae Trading & Contracting Co. was established in 2019 in the ancient city of Aleppo, the largest city of Syria and located in the north of the country. The establishment of the company in the reconstruction phase of Syria after the war in the country, to be the center of businesses in north Syria. The company has a group of experts in these areas.

What We Provide?

Divitiae for Trading & Contracting Company is concerned with various sectors from renewable energy to contracting, industry, health and technology

Your authorized agent

Divitiae is proud to be your authorized agent in Syria, to follow up projects and tenders and find the best solutions for your business

Feasibility study

The feasibility study conducted in the field, gives the best results and expectations for the requirements of any project

Commercial Construction

Follow up and make the necessary arrangements to sign economic contracts in various fields, between your company and the three Syrian sectors

Cranes & Excavators

With the beginning of reconstruction there is a great need for construction equipment, in order to build new cities, bridges and infrastructure


Renewable energy

the country has 17 areas suitable for the construction of farms producing electricity from wind turbines. The government’s plan is to reach a production rate of 7,000 megawatts.

Railway Transportation

Syria plans to build 2,000 km of railways, in addition to the rehabilitation and upgrading of all old railways with a length of 2,450 km, and the cost of these projects is approximately 1.8 billion dollars

The Future of Renewable Energy in Syria

Alternative energy – a new multi-billion dollar market

Syria is considered one of the best markets in the world to invest in alternative energy and electricity projects. After the war to which the country is exposed over the past years, Rebuilding a large part of the electricity grid, importing modern equipment, and starting to benefit from alternative energy has become a priority for the Syrian government to provide electricity to citizens, industrial, and touristic sectors. Therefore, the Syrian government is preparing to announce soon a lot of projects in the electricity sector worth $ 2.5 billion.

The first Windmill in Syria, established in 2019

Our Mission

Divitiae Trading & Contracting LLC

is looking forward to build a strategic partnership with various local and international sectors and companies. To become a starting point for foreign companies for investment and reconstruction in Syria, and also to establish a network with local companies whose goal is to ensure profit and development for all parties according to fair trade standards The company fully believes in the win-win principle.

With the return of stability to most areas of Syria and the wheel of construction and reconstruction began to turn. The company sees a rare opportunity for European companies to start investing in a country where competition has drastically diminished, and needs many large-scale projects that were denied during eight years of war

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